• a dancer in white crouches with a baby opposite her. the dancer plays the light from a torch on the black floor
  • TiNY - a performer in blue holds out a tiny light that a baby reaches to touch. the mother smiles in the background
  • I Am Baba - a baby is held by a performer in blue. they both look at their own reflections in the giant convex mirror beneath them
  • a young performer holds a tiny mouse towards a baby who touches it. the mother sits behind and watches, smiling
  • Blue - a performer holds a blue foam block whilst a child connects a blue foam pole into the block
  • Little Tiny Xmas - a young female audience member looks at the camera with her arms around the performer who is dressed in white
  • two performers similarly dressed, in a crawling position on the floor. they both look uncertain
  • Little Tiny Xmas - a young boy holds out his hand to feel green tinsel tendrils that hang in the foreground of the picture
  • a performer in green sits and looks at a baby show is playing with the performer's toe!

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