an abstract image of various dark blue hues with very dark blue lines and shadows stretching upwards and tiny flecks of gold floating throughout

The Sound Of Things (working title)

an initial creative consultation project towards a brand new show for children & young people with complex needs
a mustard square with a paper rip revealing psychedelic multicoloured 70's type swirls


a 70's inspired happening for babies aged 0-12 months
a performer in green holds a multicoloured fish puppet towards a child who puts his tongue out to lick it. the child is supported in the water by an adult that we see in the background. they are all in a swimming pool

Sing Me to the Sea

An immersive multisensory adventure for children and young people with complex needs
the word GROOVE on a silver background that has a rip to reveal 70's style psychedelic patterns


A chilled out adventure for children with complex needs, full of harmony singing and immersive video.
I Am Baba - a baby is held by a performer in blue. they both look at their own reflections in the giant convex mirror beneath them

I Am Baba

A magical adventure of song, lights and textures for babies aged 0-12 months.
abstract image. purple bubbles glinting in the darkness


an intensive interdisciplinary artist incubator around work for audiences of babies
an illustration of a tent against a night sky with a white bird and a white moon. two cheeky mice look at the tent

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

A tiny adventure for younger children with complex needs
a performer in pink plays guitar and a baby watches intently


a unique concert for babies led by Eamon Sweeney
an illustration - a dark looming sky. two tiny figures in pointy hats, scarves and capes are lost in the middle of it

Still Here

a wordless physical theatre adventure for ages 3-6 years