a baby looks intently at a guitar player who is out of focus in the foreground


a unique concert for babies led by Eamon Sweeney
a baby sits on a silver cushion staring at silver foil dancing in front of it. everything is saturated in blue


A dreamy new adventure for audiences of babies aged 3-12 months
a drawing of a sad grey bunny who is holding a smile in front of his sad mouth. text reads 'my smile has fallen down by Dan Leith'

My Smile Has Fallen Down

A show for 5-7 year olds by Dan Leith
the word GROOVE on a silver background that has a rip to reveal 70's style psychedelic patterns


A chilled out adventure for children with complex needs, full of harmony singing and immersive video.
drawn illustration of three performers in green with colanders, reflective balls, flowers and fish.

Sing Me to the Sea Reimagined

Under the shadow of Covid-19, re-imagining live touring for children and young people with complex needs.
two children in stripy shirts and jeans lie on a playground where there are drawings in chalk of a rocket, stars and planets

BigKidLittleKid PopUp

A PopUp Play version of this whimsical wordless adventure created in the context of Covid-19 restrictions
Adventures In My Ears - a set of headphones on a floor covered in confetti

Adventures In My Ears

Created using ambisonic and binaural technology, this journey was an open-ended adventure for children to find their own way through with their own individual imagination as their compass.
MESS - four performers dressed in pink tracksuits and grey tabards around a cleaning trolley with various cleaning implements in the doorway of a classroom. a teacher looks on smiling


Anna was part of a team of artists and clown doctors devising a classroom adventure for children with complex needs.
Grow - four performers in brown smocks and petal-like arms in front of a yellow hedge on a purple-lit stage - their arms have long petal-like arm extensions that fly out


A curious, hypnotic dance adventure for audiences aged 3-7 years. Created for Indepen-Dance, Scotland's inclusive dance company.