Full of silver, light and wonder, Shimmer is a unique, dream-like dance theatre show for audiences of babies and their adults.

Shimmer invites its audiences into an immersive reflective space created by Katie Davenport animated by a twinkling original score by David Goodall, stunning wraparound video art by Conan McIvor, and gorgeous gentle choreography by Hayley Earlam that responds to its individual tiny audience members .

Shimmer tours to the Network For Extraordinary Audiences venues in Autumn 2021.

Shimmer is sensational! An absolute feast for the senses. My baby was engaged and enthralled throughout, as was I. Shimmer brings together dance, music, light and space in a way which sparks the imagination and evokes wonder from both the young and old. parent

...wonderfully designed and so engaging for both myself and baby . My daughter took in every movement and sound around her and was smiling from start to finish! parent