over a background of shimmering green, an adult hand reaches out and is grasped by the hand of a baby

An Attempt To Talk With The Beginning Of The World

the pitter patter of dancing feet ...
2024 in gold letters surrounded by golden confetti


sweet dreams, making a splash and getting back to the beginning...
a baby and caregiver watch a performer who is holding giant leaves framed by two colourful textile panels

littletinySPACE2 at The Ark, Dublin

soft senses, beautiful textiles and gentle sounds
a Brazilian woman holds branches aloft watched by babies and their caregivers

littletinySPACE2 in Killeagh, County Cork

whispering letters in nature
a surreal pink image where we dimly see a baby and their caregiver through a clear balloon

littletinySPACE2 in Galway

four artists creating a magical underwater world...
a tiny baby lies on a giant mirror and contemplates themself

I AM BABA sells out all over Ireland!

14 weeks, 20 counties, more than 1000 babies...
a baby holds a tennis ball against a performer's nose. they have strong eye contact

littletinySPACE2 in Sligo

logo for The Gate Theatre Dublin


back at The Gate for more adventures for babies
a woman plays with a baby who is sitting between their mother's knees. all three are asian

littletinySPACE2 up north

our first littletinySPACE2 project of 2023