a close up of two colourfully masked figures in extraordinary points hats with earpieces

At the end of the year…

looking back on 2021 and forward to 2022
a sad-looking man with a beard holds various soft toy creatures - two foxes, two bears and a long thing girl doll. a tiny white mouse perches on the top of the man's hat

My Smile Has Fallen Down

starting work on a new show for 5-7 year olds about sadness and darkness and the journey towards hope
Bigkidlittlekid - a performer in blue with a hat with a giant bobble. she balances a yellow ball on her fist and looks intently at it

Reflecting on 2020 Part 2

The story of how a man in a spiderman suit inspired a PopUp Play version of BigKidLittleKid
a child and a performer in green see themselves reflected in a silver ball. they are both in a swimming pool

Reflecting on 2020

Arts In Education Guest Blog
the word GROOVE on a silver background that has a rip to reveal 70's style psychedelic patterns


A chilled out adventure for children with complex needs, full of harmony singing and immersive video.
a drawing of a cartoon rabbit. he is holding up a piece of card with a smile drawn on it to hide his own unsmiling mouth

My Smile Has Fallen Down

A show for 4-7 year olds about sadness. Written by Dan Leith.
abstract swirling image - teal with flecks of copper

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Over the first few months of the global pandemic, it became very clear to me that the live experience was absolutely central to what I do. 
BigKidLittleKid - two performers dressed alike, one with a giant bobble on her hat, the other with a tiny bobble. Big Kid holds out her hand to repel Little Kid who bends backwards away from the hand

Where to from here?

My last blog was about the many projects I was excited to embark upon in 2020. And then, three weeks into the 11 week national tour of I Am Baba, it all stopped.
Grooveposter - a rip across a dark page revealing a colourful 70s pattern of flowers

Revealing what adventures are in store for 2020

It's only February and there's already one show out on tour - I am Baba is winding its way all over Ireland over the next 10 weeks.