a tiny baby lies on a giant mirror and contemplates themself

I AM BABA sells out all over Ireland!

14 weeks, 20 counties, more than 1000 babies...
a baby holds a tennis ball against a performer's nose. they have strong eye contact

littletinySPACE2 in Sligo

logo for The Gate Theatre Dublin


back at The Gate for more adventures for babies
a woman plays with a baby who is sitting between their mother's knees. all three are asian

littletinySPACE2 up north

our first littletinySPACE2 project of 2023
two performers sit in front of a screen with bubbling blue projection on it


four mini R&D projects all over Ireland in 2023
turquoise and yellow background with the numbers 2023 in relief


a quick look at all the adventures to come...
logo for The Gate Theatre Dublin


babyGROOVE at The Gate!
a woman dressed in purple holds a giant glowing moon globe in front of her

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

our newest show for younger children with complex needs
a stage bathed in blue light with projected images of bubbles filling the background. dancers in white throw silver foil in the air

Tanzmesse 2022

not long before we pitch SHIMMER to the world!