Gráinne O´Carroll´s ´Soft Senses´ project was the last of the littletinySPACE2, happening on the exact same day littletinySPACE (the first) began one year previous!

Sensorial spaces, soft constructions and instinctual play are at the centre of Gráinne’s research.

Over the course of the year since the beginning of littletinySPACE in late 2022, she explored various subjects, from gymnastics halls as dormant installations to anti-touch agendas of art spaces, sensorial therapy props to surround sound, following threads that brought her down paths bendy, exciting and sometimes tricky.

Studio time, pilot installations and support from Anna, Hanna, Ashley and her fellow LTS artists were the foundations. In October 2023, Dublin’s Children’s Cultural Centre the Ark  hosted Gráinne for a few days to test out her creations in the company of other artists and two test audience groups. Artist Vicky Langan and dancer Rocio Dominguez joined her in the Ark for two days.

Also in the run up to this mini-residency at the Ark, Gráinne worked with composer Gareth Anton Averill to devise a soundscape that sparkled and danced sensorially between four speakers, with a fifth speaker projecting the voices of adults speaking to children from their hearts.

photos by Neil Harrison Photography

As part of our 2023 Arts Council funded programme we have five tiny delightful R&D moments happening across the country as a further development from our 2022 littletinySPACE artist incubator project. For littletinySPACE 2022, we brought together 8 diverse established artists from a range of disciplines along with Anna, dramaturg and Performance Corp SPACE programme facilitator, Hanna Slattne, Production Manager, Ashey Smyth and internationally reknowned early years research scientist Dr Suzanne Zeedyk – and these facilitators continue their mentoring support into the 2023 projects.