silverly string curtain hang in the background. silver cushions and mats are dotted around the black floor. there is a silver figure standing in front of the curtains


a dance show for audiences of babies aged 3-12 months
the word GROOVE on a silver background that has a rip to reveal 70's style psychedelic patterns


A chilled out adventure for children with complex needs, full of harmony singing and immersive video.
drawn illustration of three performers in green with colanders, reflective balls, flowers and fish.

Sing Me to the Sea Reimagined

Under the shadow of Covid-19, re-imagining live touring for children and young people with complex needs.
a performer in green holds a multicoloured fish puppet towards a child who puts his tongue out to lick it. the child is supported in the water by an adult that we see in the background. they are all in a swimming pool

Sing Me to the Sea

An immersive multisensory adventure for children and young people with complex needs
BigKidLittleKid - two performers dressed alike, one with a giant bobble on her hat, the other with a tiny bobble. Big Kid holds out her hand to repel Little Kid who bends backwards away from the hand


A show without words with original score by award-winning Scottish composer David Goodall.
a performer and a young girl regard each other through the holes at either side of a blue block


An interactive adventure for children aged 18 months to 4 years and their adults using a blue block imagination playground.
A baby reaches out to touch a young performer. the baby's mother sits behind and watches her, laughing


A groundbreaking experimental project that brings together teenagers and babies to explore their empathetic impact as they meet and connect.
I Am Baba - a baby is held by a performer in blue. they both look at their own reflections in the giant convex mirror beneath them

I Am Baba

A magical adventure of song, lights and textures for babies aged 0-12 months.
Babyday - a baby wearing a checked shirt and a BabyDay sticker looks delighted


In 2015, whilst Artistic Director of Replay Theatre Company, Anna created the world's first BabyDay.