Performed inside a dreamy blue tent to just 3 children at a time, Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This drifts its audience off to a gentle magical place of dancing lights, curious mice and giant moons.

Sweet Dreams features gorgeous live harmony singing composed especially for the show by award-winning composer, David Goodall with costumes created by Irish fashion designer, Rebecca Marsden.

Created in late 2021 with funding from Wicklow Arts Office and developed in creative collaboration with St Catherine’s School and individual families in County Wicklow.

Touring The Network For Extraordinary Audiences in 2022 and 2024 funded by Arts Council Ireland, Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This tours to theatre venues, special schools and early years settings for children with complex needs across Ireland. The 9-week 2024 tour includes the very first production at The Gate Theatre in Dublin for this audience.

publicity illustration by Gillian Eilidh O’Mara.

So many of our quieter children get lost in the busyness of the classroom and the calm and simplicity of this show is perfect for them. So many children would benefit from this... teacher

It is rare to see C smile and he was giggling away during the show... teacher

I've never seen anything like this and I've been teaching for a very long time! teacher

It's extremely difficult to engage S - I can't believe how much he responded to the show! teacher