The third of our littletinySPACE2 projects happened in Co. Cork and was led by Diviane Helena (Divi) who is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher with a focus on dance, writing, psychoanalysis and community projects.

Divi invited fellow littletinySPACE artist Vicky Langan to collaborate with her on a project entitled Whispering Letters in Nature. Both artists spent time testing ideas and shared their work in one session with babies aged 0-2 and their loved ones at Greywood Arts in Killeagh, Co. Cork.

This project wants to create an intimate performance blending movement, words, sounds, and sensory elements from nature and nourish a space where babies and their loved ones can bond and share a poetic journey together.

Divi intends to continue developing this work further in different locations in Ireland and abroad, connecting with communities and inviting local artists to collaborate with the work.

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Images by Neil Harrison Photography

This experience was really touching and it is clear you have some very rich seeds. My baby and I totally enjoyed the ease, calm, care and gentleness. How you invited attention and a sense of slowing down was palpable. I was reminded in myself that it takes time to slow down and how I am helped to find that in myself with you and others is a very special experience all together.

There is so much in the surroundings that we can use with our children that we even don't think about it. Something simple like the branches or the little sounds from the cone. All those things we can do. Even our free expressions. I thought it was beautiful to engage with them. Thank you.

I loved the sounds you and Vicky created. It helped me drop into my body and shared space. The musical materials and natural materials really offered such an interesting conversation of sounds.

As part of our 2023 Arts Council funded programme we have five tiny delightful R&D moments happening across the country as a further development from our 2022 littletinySPACE artist incubator project. For littletinySPACE 2022, we brought together 8 diverse established artists from a range of disciplines along with Anna, dramaturg and Performance Corp SPACE programme facilitator, Hanna Slattne, Production Manager, Ashey Smyth and internationally reknowned early years research scientist Dr Suzanne Zeedyk – and these facilitators continue their mentoring support into the 2023 projects.