Jane Cassidy (multi-media artist), Vicky Langan (sound artist), James Riordan (theatre maker) and Rocio Dominguez (dance artist) collaborated for an in-person period of 4 days and multiple online sessions, to create an underwater world experience for babies. They spent time exploring possibilities of movement and performance using water, black light, neon elements, helium balloons, projections, and various textures and sound sources.

They opened their practice to an invited audience of babies and their caregivers, on August 10th and 11th 2023 at the Town Hall Theatre in Galway.

The four artists keep collaborating together to date, discussing opportunities to bring the work forward into the future.

images by Emilija Jefremova, Manuela Garcia and Vicky Langan

This show was so interactive and I loved how multi-sensory it was. It was such a fun and heartening experience to see my baby interact so excitedly with the performance audience member / caregiver

As part of our 2023 Arts Council funded programme we have five tiny delightful R&D moments happening across the country as a further development from our 2022 littletinySPACE artist incubator project. For littletinySPACE 2022, we brought together 8 diverse established artists from a range of disciplines along with Anna, dramaturg and Performance Corp SPACE programme facilitator, Hanna Slattne, Production Manager, Ashey Smyth and internationally reknowned early years research scientist Dr Suzanne Zeedyk – and these facilitators continue their mentoring support into the 2023 projects.