The project is led by performer Ben Winger to create a new classroom show for children and young people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.

Anna Newell
this is the tiny stairway that i sit on while they’re recording vocal stuff… I’m becoming quite fond of it

We’ve been based at the wonderful Mavisbank School in rainy rainy Airdrie for this week (and next) and what has emerged so far is clown cleaners who wander into the classroom with dusters and brooms and bins, apparently intent on cleaning everything and everybody with lots of sensory fun and rhythms and singing on the way – but actually mostly making an impossible mess. So that they can clean it up again.

There have been red noses, a parrot, a human carwash, and many many fine tunes courtesy of composer John Kielty.

I’m heading to Belfast this weekend and early next week to make a prototype for a new baby show about spiders and inclement weather (more of that soon!) and then I’m back to Mavisbank in the middle of next week to see what they’ve got up to in my absence. Watch this space…