Thanks to money from the Dun Laoghaire Pavilion Patrons Donation Award Bursary and additional funds from the Mermaid Arts Centre Bray.

It’s a time of life when lots of kids go from being the youngest in the family to suddenly having a little sibling, or go from being the oldest at nursery to being the youngest at school. Are you a big kid or a little kid? Or both? Playing around with me with be usual suspect David Goodall, creating a brand new score for this adventure, and performers Nicky Harley and Mary-Lou McCarthy (with hats by Nora Borealis!). As ever, we’ll have kids (and their adults guests) in to have a look at the end of the week to see what’s what. Hopefully heading to full production and touring in 2018 sometime…..

In other news, REASSEMBLED, SLIGHTLY ASKEW is all the way over in Canada, making waves at the SummerWorks Festival in Toronto, FOUR GO WILD IN WELLIES is looking forward to an early Autumn tour in Scotland and Ireland with an outdoor gig in Glasgow on the way, new baby show¬† I AM BABA is getting ready to hit the road in October and I’m back and forward to Edinburgh working with an amazing group of artists and clown doctors to create EMPTY POCKETS a Creative Scotland funded classroom show for children and young people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.

Plans are also afoot for some exciting adventures in 2018 which will include, variously, lullabies, fish and teenagers and which will be happening in London, Darlington and County Wicklow. Watch this space…