afloat on a sea of dreams…

Anna created Bliss whilst Artistic Director at Replay Theatre, with mentorship from Tim Webb from Oily Cart and in creative consultation with the staff and children at Glenveagh School.

Performed in The Bubble (the first of many portable performance spaces that Anna would commission) with each audience member in their own specially designed boat, this ocean-going adventure was a journey of storms, magical sea creatures and a mermaid called Barbara.

The Bliss project started our year off on a great high one that we have been enjoying with the children ever since. They truly brought the class alive. Bliss is not just a show but a vibrant and enthralling experience, one where we all became an integral part of the performance, sailing away with the actors on their adventure, carried away to a place where we could all become involved and active, where disability was left behind and opportunity to take part was the key to happiness and laughter. Caroline McCarthy, Teacher, Glenveagh School