Friends are like magnets

They can’t be pulled apart

Their brains are made of silly string

That starts inside their hearts

WiggleGiggle was a unique and quirky poetry slam show for audiences aged 3-5 years created by Anna as a Replay co-production with Nottingham Playhouse, collaborating with choreographer Stevie Prickett, composer David Goodall and writer Shannon Yee.

Inspired by conversations with children themselves, this show took as a starting point the substantial research around how music and rhythm can develop listening and language  skills in this age group.  It wanted to excite and intrigue them with what language can do – and what they can do with language.

But most of all, WiggleGiggle promised to delight its audience as it messed around with wonderful words, marvellous music, the silliest of sounds and some very interesting moves!

As an introduction to the experience of the unexpected and brain-jiggling that creative theatre can offer, aimed at an audience comfortable with playfulness, it worked its mini magic. Mumsnet Blog Review